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Business Opportunity

Business OpportunityWe are GROWING.

Adventure Immigration Services is a dedicated and professional team of immigration consultants. We have our head office in Vancouver, a city which is receiving most of its immigrants because of growing job opportunities.

If you are into genuine businesses or are looking to have one, you can join us under our franchise program. If you have infrastructure, effective marketing skills, computer knowledge and good communications skills, you can grow with us and make decent income from any part of the world by joining our winning team. We are actively looking around the globe for associates who can join our growing organization and benefit themselves and us. Immigration consulting is a remunerative but responsible business and we will only entertain genuine business owners who can prove their credentials.   We are always interested to hear from applicants who have good communication and interpersonal skills, a marketing background and an excellent business network in their home country. We believe in creating a WIN-WIN solution to all.

There are three types of business arrangements we have with our representatives:

1. Franchisee: The Franchisee works on a full time basis to represent Adventure Immigration Services uniformed consulting services and also operates a full time office to promote our services by establishing an office.

2. Independent Agent: The Independent Agent works on a full time / part time basis besides their existing activity to promote our services with or without establishing an office.

3. Referral Agent: A Referral Agent works on a referral basis to promote our services without establishing an office.

Requirements for our Franchisees are as follows:

1. Office space in a prime location.  Minimum office space required is 500 sq. ft.

2. Computer with high speed internet access, telephone and fax.

3. Full time marketing representative, fluent in English, with good communication skills for follow up on leads and talking to clients.

4. Invest money for advertising and arranging Immigration Seminars presented by the associates of our company from Canada.

If you meet all the above requirements and meet our criteria, an attractive and liberal compensation package awaits you.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill up the following Business Opportunity Form online, upload your Resume/Profile and Cover Letter, and click Submit to learn more about this exciting opportunity.  Also, note to state your background, experience and objectives so as to enable us to understand your proposal better.  

We will review your application and get back to you.

Should you need more information about the Business Opportunity, please contact us.


Personal Information    
Your Name  :  *
Address  :  *
City  :  *
State  :  *
Country  :  *
Educational Qualifications and Experience - 
Skills or personal attributes that support your intention to successfully set up the Franchise Operation (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Advertising, People Skills, Computer Knowledge etc.)
 :  *
What languages do you speak fluently?  :  *
Home Phone  :  *
Business Phone  :  *
Cell Phone  :  *
Your Email  :  *
Date of Birth  :  *
How did you come to know about this opportunity?  :  *
Business Information    
Name of the Company you are currently associated with  :  *
Have you ever operated a business?
If yes, nature of business, length of business experience and your status (Owner/Partner/Director/Manager/Affiliate)
 :  *
Type of arrangement you are looking for  : 
Independent Agent
Referral Agent*
Financial Information    
Total Assets (in US Dollars)  :  *
Liabilities (in US Dollars)  :  *
Net Worth (in US Dollars)  :  *
Funds Available for Investment (in US Dollars)  :  *
Do you have an office of minimum 500 sq.ft.?  : 
Address of Office  :  *
In case there is no office, do you have funds to setup office on rental or outright purchase basis?
Provide details.
 :  *
Other Information    
Why do you believe you can successfully operate an Adventure Immigration Services franchise?  :  *
How will the Adventure Immigration Services franchise opportunity help you in achieving your business and personal goals? ?  :  *
Please give us an estimate of how many clients or revenue you are planning to achieve on a monthly basis  :  *
If you are already doing immigration business, please tell us the rates you are currently charging your present clients. Give rates for each category  :  *
Are you currently working as an agent for another immigration company? If yes, what is the name of the company? Do you have any contract or obligations with that company that will interfere with the interests of Adventure Immigration Services?  :  *
Additional Information or comments that you might like to share with us in evaluating your request for consideration  :  *
Upload Your Cover Letter and Resume  : 
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